Blue Wave P4 is a comprehensive, cloud-based video platform. We've built a solution focused on scalability, ease-of-use, and flexibility. From content management to publishing, you can manage everything from our unified interface. Built-in mobile support means you can stream content to phones, tablets, desktops, and more.

  • Transcode, deliver, and stream in the most popular formats

  • Customizable transcoding profiles to fit your needs, from SD to HD and up

  • Multiple Content Distribution Network (CDN) configurations optimized for everything from domestic to worldwide access

  • Customizable syndication formats, including APIs, XML, and MRSS

  • Integrate ads and analytics, and easily manage metadata

  • Rich metadata support including CableLabs(R) Asset Distribution Interface (ADI) support

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* Calculation is based on a 1 GB input video, 90 minutes runtime, 1Mbps SD transcode profile, streamed to 1 viewer. Storage includes original asset plus transcoded output.

CMS Simplicity

What is an end-to-end solution without a unified interface? We've built a comprehensive Content Management System with a focus on simplicity. Everything is browser-based so there's nothing to install and you can access your content from anywhere.

Cloud Transcoding

Your videos are automatically converted to the formats you need and our auto-scaling cloud-based transcoder means no job is too big.


We take organization seriously with a wide range of metadata fields and even CableLabs® ADI support.

Mobile and More

Mobile is quickly becoming the focus of content distributors. Don't worry -- we've built mobile support into our platform from the ground up, without sacrificing traditional distribution channels.

Global CDN

Flexible content delivery options let you distribute your content in a way that fits your needs and your pocketbook.


Subscription and ad revenue are an important part of the video landscape. We can help make sure you content works for you with support for industry-standards like VAST and VPAID.


Find out which of your content is being viewed and where. Video views and drop-off rates will give you insights into your content's performance.


Our cloud-based platform makes scalability a non-issue.