Restructure Content & Visual Elements On-The-Fly

By storing mobile and IPTV content structures as categories and subcategories as well as platform metadata, the Blue Wave Media platform allows clients to create, edit, and remove entire sections of content on demand.

This creates the opportunity to publish seasonal and other time constrained content without republishing the content application structure. Once changes to content structure are made, the consumer views the new content structure the very next time the client app is loaded on a device.

Key visual elements, such as background images are stored as platform metadata enabling Blue Wave Media clients to literally create a new look for their content applications on demand.

Automatic Content Ingestion & Publishing

Where content is already available on client servers, the Blue Wave Media platform can easily and quickly ingest that content for distribution. This allows ready content management and updates by clients with single point publishing to all mobile and IPTV platforms.

For clients with non-hosted content, the Blue Wave Media platform provides an easy to use web interface for uploading and managing client content. Content can also be preloaded for future distribution and activated at desired future dates.

The Blue Wave Media platform delivers video across mobile and IPTV platforms, and rich text and images as well allowing the creation of a truly engaging audience experience.