What if you could design a mobile app in an afternoon and then publish it to multiple platforms via the mainstream app stores? Welcome to FastApp.

We designed FastApp to be a quick and simple way to get your content published. Using HTML5, JavaScript, and ingenuity we can take a unified app design and push it to multiple mobile platforms with no extra effort. Distribution is managed with a native-code 'wrapper' for each platform that can be submitted to app stores just like any other app. This wrapper gives us access to device features that a regular mobile website doesn't have.

Design review and approval is especially easy since FastApp supports a desktop browser mode that allows you to verify all layouts on a full-size monitor from the comfort of your desk.

Reduce Project Burden

Our multi-platform model allows you to design once and deploy to multiple targets, saving time and money. You'll appreciate that model when app redesigns are needed.

Beyond Web

HTML5 isn't just for websites. Along with companion technologies we're able to create cross-platform apps that are natively supported by all modern mobile devices. Because the framework is built upon a standard you're less susceptible to arbitrary platform changes.

No Experience Required

'Simple and Intuitive' is the design goal for all of our products. You don't have to be a developer to start creating apps with our design environment. You may even find yourself designing apps just for fun!


Since your design is hosted on our servers, updates are easy and most changes can be made without requiring an update in the app stores.