Distribution Channels

Turnkey Mobile Syndication

Blue Wave Media can provide seamless content to mobile audiences around the world by simply providing access to client content. Application framework design, branding and marketing are all done in collaboration with the client to provide the fastest access to mobile viewers at no cost to the client.

IPTV Distribution

Blue Wave Media delivers client content to Internet enabled TV's and IPTV set top boxes to the major IPTV platforms including DivX TV, Samsung DTV, Roku and others coming soon. There is no additional client cost to engage these platforms and multiple revenue models are supported.

Platform Licensing

For B2B enterprises and developers desiring a mobile platform to extend their services, Blue Wave Media can provide platform licensing creating a separate client branded instance of the Blue Wave Media portal. A licensed platform can either include the Blue Wave Media application framework or provide direct content services to custom development enterprises.

Enterprise Licensing

The Blue Wave Media platform and application framework may be licensed for enterprise use to allow seamless content publishing and rapid deployment to internal or external enterprise customers or audiences. Blue Wave Media can create template application models to simplify application creation by enterprise staff. This licensing enables networks, studios, and corporations access to a turnkey mobile and IPTV platform to enable enterprise digital media strategy.

Integrated Website Services

For clients with limited or no multi-media web presence, Blue Wave Media can create a client branded web framework that utilizes the Blue Wave Media platform for content management, encoding, ad insertion and MRSS feed management creating a publish once, view anywhere, venue.