About Us

Media Syndication Made Easy.

Blue Wave Media has created a first of its kind, self-service, end-to-end, mobile cloud platform providing seamless multi-media content distribution. Our platform delivers unique and proprietary video content to mobile consumers, both in the U.S. and internationally.

The Blue Wave Media mobile cloud platform is an open access, premier content delivery and mobile application platform, which provides content publishers, studios, IPTV networks, television networks, second screen offerings and corporate enterprises the ability to drive dynamic content and mobile app structure updates at any frequency.

Prior to Blue Wave Media, mobile syndication required multiple complex technical and advertising relationships with high costs and long wait times to deploy. Blue Wave Media is rapidly becoming the de facto vendor of choice for content publishers, studios, IP TV networks, television networks, second screen offerings and corporate enterprises. Clients look to Blue Wave Media to solve their content distribution problems and to monetize their proprietary libraries and inventory.

The Blue Wave Media platform supports multiple content monetization models including ad integrated, pay-per-view and subscription. Clients are free to use any combination that suits their business strategy.

Blue Wave Media delivers platform services and client app frameworks with no upfront cost, allowing clients to quickly and easily engage in content distribution to mobile and IPTV audiences without capital costs.